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We always adhere to people-oriented and care about people's safety
Our story
"We always care about people's safety"
Since 2008, Brvision has provided vehicle safety systems for multiple heavy truck and commercial vehicle manufacturers. (Truck camera system, rear view system) Brvision’s vehicle safety electronic equipment includes reversing camera, LED car light camera, monitor, parking sensor, parking radar, mobile DVR, driving recorder, wireless WIFI transmitter and receiver, wire and cable bracket, etc. Accessories.
Our products are provided by many commercial vehicle manufacturers, fleet operators, such as heavy trucks, trailers, buses, school buses, VANs, taxis, sweepers, consumer vehicles, ambulances, special vehicles, industrial vehicles, agricultural vehicles, and fleet operators. Safe electronics.
Since its establishment, our vehicle monitoring solutions and rear-view security systems have been exported to Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Norway, the United States, Canada and other European and American countries. In order to improve global road safety, brvision has always been continuously optimized. 30% of our profits are used for research and development, to provide you with personalized customization and better improved versions.
Since the establishment of brvision, for decades, our R&D team and international sales team have exceeded customer expectations in terms of technology, quality, service, design and on-time delivery. Our strong production team under the management of strong 10S also provides OEM projects to meet the individual requirements of specific customers.
Now brvision has become the fastest growing and most reliable manufacturer of in-vehicle electronic equipment in the market.
Safe and reliable
At brvision, at the beginning of our establishment, we used our products to make roads safer. After seven years of development, we are well aware that without quality, reliable, rugged, and driven rugged products, we will not become today’s company. In today’s market environment, we will be affected by the new crown candidate equipment. The growth of global raw materials, we double Efforts to ensure that your safe use is functionally superior to the previous generation of products, stable prices, and together.
The products are only 10% competent for our own various types of specifications, and suitable for your commercial/passenger car we can release to the market. Regardless of the product or technology, in our suitability to include any component in our post system, they will test the part in an applicability way and are fully competent.
Carefully controlled design modeling An ergonomic Red Dot Design Award industrial designer, exploring the internal structure and function through careful engineering team management, shaping our pursuit in global competition, ensuring that our products always maintain high and high portable.

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