Help you race against time to save lives
Help you race against time to save lives
A camera monitor system that helps protect the safety of EMS workers and their patients
Deal with medical emergencies faster and safer. Our emergency medical service products enable passengers and patients to drive to the scene, care for and transport patients more safely. We provide high-definition video systems to ensure the safety of drivers to safe vehicle entry and exit products to safe working areas. From the start, they are providing security for your vehicle.
Why is brvision?
Why is brvision?
Industry-leading all-weather and all-climate environment perfect operation
Supporting emergency services for more than 13 years, producing and developing a brand trusted by hospitals
A record of safety innovation
Protect everyone
  • Designed for EMS work
    Rugged, waterproof, shock-resistant IP: 69K high-performance product, saving lives and property
  • See everything
    Protect the public on site and on the road.
  • Improve driver safety
    The video system improves the safety of the driver and records incidents.
  • Protect doctors and nurses
    The rolling door keeps staff away from the road when touching the equipment. The pedal prevents slipping.
Type of ambulance
What measures are you taking to improve your safety?
  • Ambulance command vehicle
  • Transport ambulance
  • ambulance
  • Negative pressure ambulance (sanitary and anti-epidemic ambulance)
  • Blood delivery ambulance
Safety of emergency scenes and emergency vehicles
In short, know your vehicle. Please pay attention to the size of your device and understand its limitations. Does it behave differently in heat, snow or ice? Will it take a turn for the worse? How does your device make its operation different? Are there special controls that everyone should pay attention to? Driving equipment in an emergency is different from driving equipment at any other time. Please use reversing cameras, but don’t just rely on them. Because the camera can only simply record the police situation, the new camera monitoring system can fully cover the driving situation inside and outside the car, ensuring that when a civil dispute occurs, these can record irrefutable evidence, that is, it can safely arrive at the scene of the accident.
What products do I need?
BRVISION's security solutions are suitable for most commercial vehicles and special machines.
To help you make your choice, we have created a series of vehicle guides that introduce our recommended safety electronics for the most common applications.
Check out the products recommended by BRVISION for each car below
  • Ambulance problem
    Incidents and problems may include:
    • Reckless speeding on the road can easily lead to accidents, preventing you from encountering rescue or other emergencies
    • Reversing accident caused by blind spot
    • Abnormal blind spots make collisions that cannot be covered by conventional camera positions more likely to occur
    • Collision in a small space due to manipulation
    • The efficiency of the vehicle is low due to the driver’s lack of vision
  • How brvision can help
    By investing in Brvision’s safety solutions, you can improve the safe and efficient safe arrival of ambulance vehicles. include:
    •All-round vision to ensure safer operation
    •Customize visibility to improve efficiency
    •Reduce accidents among vulnerable road users, workers and other vehicles
    • Reduce vehicle downtime due to accidents and damage
    •Meet health and safety requirements
    • Improve driver safety
    • Improve the reputation of the ambulance
  • Explore products
Brvision and Shiyan City Ambulance Team take a step towards safety upgrade together
Brvision and Shiyan City Ambulance Team take a step towards safety upgrade together
In the common fight against COVIE19, in the process of becoming more and more normal, on December 1, 2020, Brvision and all ambulances in Shiyan City totaled 311, providing humanitarian assistance with a 20% discount to install camera monitor systems. These vehicles include negative pressure ambulances, ambulance transport vehicles, blood delivery ambulances, ambulance command vehicles, etc. Provide driving safety guarantee for 230,000 vehicles with zero accidents throughout the year. We are very proud of this, and we are also deeply honored to be able to work hand in hand in the grim situation of the normalization of the epidemic.
After the alarm goes off, your emergency responders are ready. The Brvision camera monitor system is also. We use cost-effective advanced technology to facilitate the management of ambulance fleets. Ambulance drivers can fully understand the movement behind their emergency vehicles when preparing for transportation. The rearview mirror of an ambulance or fire truck manufactured by Brvision can be converted from a standard view to a monitor display when the vehicle is reversing. With our backup camera or rearview mirror, the driver can instantly see the situation behind him. The Brvision vision system is ready. Learn why ambulance fleet managers and first responders rely on Brvision.

The Shiyan City Ambulance Fleet requires that all ambulances should be equipped with vehicle safety technology to support safe vehicle operations and driver behavior. This includes obstacle avoidance systems. Li Fangting asked brvision for help.

Li Fangting, the project manager of the Shiyan City Ambulance Team, said:
"We need an obstacle avoidance system that complies with government regulations. We have heard of brvision through other companies. They are well known throughout the in-vehicle electronic safety equipment industry, so we believe they can deliver the products we need in accordance with the correct technical specifications."
Complicated blind spots on large vehicles and poor visibility caused by bad weather conditions are the main factors leading to collisions, and are usually the main cause of death or injury to vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists.
brvision’s complementary safety equipment series help prevent collisions by assisting the driver to protect workers, pedestrians and cyclists at the same time.
So far, the Shiyan City ambulance team has installed brvision’s ultrasonic obstacle detection system on 311 vehicles. This includes EMS vehicles and the upper and rear parts of BR-PST01-C on both sides.

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Ambulance safety solutions
  • Camera monitoring system
    Camera monitoring systems can help eliminate blind spots in vehicles to prevent collisions. The camera can be used to cover the rear, side and front blind spots as well as the internal vision and monitor specific functions of the vehicle. Multiple camera images can be viewed on a single in-cab monitor.
  • Radar obstacle detection
    By providing graded audible and visual warnings in the cab, the driver is notified of the distance between the vehicle and the obstacle, whether it is moving or stationary. BacksenseR radar can work effectively in harsh conditions and low visibility. The custom detection range of the programmable system can be up to 2.5m in length and 1.5m in width. 2.3 or 4 sensor systems can inform the driver of the distance between the vehicle and any obstacle, whether it is moving or stationary. Improve safety during low-speed maneuvers, reversing, or near side and front blind spots where pedestrians and cyclists may go undetected.
  • Mobile hard disk video recorder
    By simultaneously recording the shots of up to eight on-board cameras, the digital recorder can provide irrefutable evidence in the event of an accident. The lockable hard drive can store up to 1,164 hours of data, (optional memory size up to 2TB). These data can be easily accessed via a PC or uploaded via a 4G network or dedicated WiFi.
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