Safety in the Road Construction Industry
Safety in the Road Construction Industry
Fully visualize the protection of assets and improve the blind spots and safety of workers and vehicles
Road construction is a dangerous occupation and is listed as one of the most dangerous workplaces. Although roads are safer and the number of casualties is at the lowest level in more than 40 years, accidents involving road workers have increased. Ensuring worker safety is a challenging but essential task.
The main cause of injuries and deaths of roadside workers is contact with construction vehicles and factories.
Why is Brvision?
Why is Brvision?
Truck safety equipment for all construction vehicles
Industrial-grade, low-maintenance product, metal shell, rugged, shock-proof and waterproof
Special fleets with high assets, heavy assets, and large-scale operations provide effective guarantees and solutions
Built for the harshest environment
  • High performance
    Designed for effective and efficient water flow operations, using the strongest rigid structure shell
  • Extremely durable
    Rugged rigid structure shell, precise packaging technology, designed for extreme environments
  • See everything
    brvision was born for the driver’s blind spot of vision, providing the driver with full vision and confidence.
  • Ensure everyone’s safety
    When activated, they begin to protect the safety of operators and have begun to participate in recording all incidents that occur in the vehicle
Types Of Vehicles
What measures are you taking to improve your safety?
  • Rock drill
  • Loader
  • excavator
  • bulldozer
  • Grader
  • Road roller
  • Dump truck
Use brvision’s construction vehicle safety system to prevent accidents
55% of accidents occur in the work area, most of which involve moving vehicles, many of which have extensive driver blind spots. With the increase in road traffic, more construction work is now scheduled at night and around the clock. Although this relieves road congestion, the low visibility makes highway construction work more dangerous: 30% of accidents occur at night, although less than 9% Of the labor force is on duty. Ear protectors can cause further safety issues because workers cannot always hear approaching or reversing vehicles.
BR-RVC16 is a night vision high-definition camera. Twenty infrared lamp beads have excellent performance at night, making workers confident on the construction site.
What products do I need
BRVISION's security solutions are suitable for most commercial vehicles and special machines.
To help you make your choice, we have created a series of vehicle guides that introduce our recommended safety electronics for the most common applications.
Check out the products recommended by BRVISION for each car below
  • Problems in the road construction industry
    Common accidents and problems include:
    The rock drill manipulator cannot find an accurate aiming point
    Collision caused by blind spots on the rear, front and sides.
    Collision caused by poor visibility (darkness, fog, etc.).
    Workers at the scene were hit by vehicles and mobile machines.
    Earmuffs reduce the ability of on-site staff to clearly hear the sounds of approaching vehicles.
    The buzzer reversing alarm is ignored or turned off.
  • How Brvision can help
    By investing in brvision’s safety solutions, you can increase worker safety. The benefits include:
    Peace of mind for management and workers
    All-round visibility for safer, faster operation
    Fewer noise complaints
    Reduced insurance premiums
    Reduced accidents and fatalities
    False claim prevention
    Reduced vehicle downtime
  • Explore products
PLJD appoints Brvision products for the entire fleet
PLJD appoints Brvision products for the entire fleet

PLJD is headquartered in Warsaw, a city known for cycling activities, and it takes a proactive approach to ensure the safety of vulnerable road users. Concerned about driver information overload, and through the introduction and industry acceptance specifications, such as CLOCS and FORS, Joanna Waszkiewicz encouraged the Brvision camera monitoring system obstacle radar detection system and mobile digital recording equipment of the designated brigade to advance the entire fleet of dump trucks.

Brvision’s camera monitoring system is a smart camera monitoring system that assists low-speed maneuverability, providing the driver with a full view of the vehicle in a single image on the monitor in the cab. The system merges and stitches together real-time images from four ultra-wide-angle cameras at the same time to generate a single bird’s-eye view, effectively eliminating blind spots. These images are then recorded on Brvision’s MDVR 4-channel mobile digital recording device. Equipped with a 1T hard drive and built-in GPS, the device can record up to 1600 hours of footage from the Brvision camera system.

In addition, PLJD has installed Brvision’s radar obstacle detection kit for the entire fleet. In order to meet regulatory standards including FORS, CLOCS and Crossrail, a 4-sensor system is installed near the bottom of the cab. The system is used in conjunction with the Br voice alarm to provide an audible warning when the vehicle is turning or maneuvering at low speeds, reminding drivers and vulnerable road users to be aware of potential hazards.

Since the installation of the system, PLJD has reported on the benefits of the driver, especially commenting on the reduction of information overload. Joanna Waszkiewicz continued, "I was very impressed with Brvision’s products, especially the camera monitoring system. Drivers immediately saw the benefits of the full range of vision, and the system is now part of the standard specifications for all our new cars.
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Road construction and muck transportation safety solutions
  • Camera monitoring system
    Camera monitoring systems can help eliminate blind spots in vehicles to prevent collisions. The camera can be used to cover the rear, side and front blind spots as well as the internal vision and monitor specific functions of the vehicle. Multiple camera images can be viewed on a single in-cab monitor.
  • Radar obstacle detection
    By providing graded audible and visual warnings in the cab, the driver is notified of the distance between the vehicle and the obstacle, whether it is moving or stationary. BacksenseR radar can work effectively in harsh conditions and low visibility. The custom detection range of the programmable system can be up to 2.5m in length and 1.5m in width. 2.3 or 4 sensor systems can inform the driver of the distance between the vehicle and any obstacle, whether it is moving or stationary. Improve safety during low-speed maneuvers, reversing, or near side and front blind spots where pedestrians and cyclists may go undetected.
  • Mobile hard disk video recorder
    By simultaneously recording the shots of up to eight on-board cameras, the digital recorder can provide irrefutable evidence in the event of an accident. The lockable hard drive can store up to 1,164 hours of data, (optional memory size up to 2TB). These data can be easily accessed via a PC or uploaded via a 4G network or dedicated WiFi.
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