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Safety in the seaport industry
Safety in the seaport industry
The sea ports is a very busy place with all kinds of trailers, trucks and cranes that are constantly moving.
Keeping port operations running efficiently and safely is a challenging task. With the continuous movement of goods, vehicles and factories, it is not surprising that vehicle-related accidents in ports are among the highest in all industries. The vast majority of reportable accidents occur in traditional port operations/cargo handling areas, and 35% of accidents involve vehicles in some way.
The port can operate in all weather conditions throughout the year, day and night.
They are a busy environment where employees work with a variety of people, including drivers from different employers, and they may not speak the same language or are unfamiliar with port operating infrastructure. Drivers need to pick up or unload cargo as soon as possible, and in order to catch the tide or vacate the dock, they may face the pressure of loading and unloading ship cargo quickly, causing marine dock workers to often work long and irregularly. Inadequate dock lighting at night can make it difficult for drivers to see and avoid pedestrians or other obstacles, while slippery or dangerous driving surfaces can further affect operator performance and cause traffic-related injuries and deaths.
Special fleets with high assets, heavy assets and large-scale operations provide effective protection and solutions
applicable to all vehicles or innovative collision avoidance technology
obtained in the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and China, Dubai Port Fleet and Gantry Crane Operators
Designed for the harsh environment of the seaport
  • High performance
    Designed for effective and efficient water flow operations, using the strongest rigid structure shell
  • Extremely durable
    Rugged rigid structure shell, precise packaging technology, specially designed for corrosion resistance in marine environment
  • See everything
    brvision was born for the driver’s blind spot of vision, providing the driver with full vision and confidence.
  • Ensure everyone’s safety
    When activated, they begin to protect the safety of operators and have begun to participate in recording all incidents that occur in the vehicle
Types of seaport work vehicles
What measures are you taking to improve your safety?
  • tariler
  • truck
  • Gantry crane
  • boom crane
  • Forklift
BRVISION protects your sea ports and fleet

The wireless video camera monitoring system, the rear view system of the vehicle, provides protection for the operator and your assets.

Container loading and unloading, storage, dry bulk loading and unloading, transfer, storage, general cargo loading and unloading, transfer, storage, vehicle roll-on and roll-off, parking, etc. These processes are the most prone to collisions. The BR-RVC16 provided by Brvision provides a full range of vision, allowing the operator to sit in the cab to see everything, complete work more easily and safely, and improve the efficiency of your fleet. Brvision always cares about the safety of people. We care about people. We use wireless camera monitoring systems for gantry cranes and boom cranes to provide more security.

What products do I need?
BRVISION's security solutions are suitable for most commercial vehicles and special machines.
To help you make your choice, we have created a series of vehicle guides that introduce our recommended safety electronics for the most common applications.
Check out the products recommended by BRVISION for each car below
  • Problems in the seaport industry
    Common accidents and problems include:
    The forklift loses front view when lifting
    Problems Within the Marine Port Industry
    Collisions when loading and unloading of vehicles.
    Collisions with other vehicles and plant due to rear, front a side blind spots
    Trailer coupling and uncoupling on the dockside and on the ship.
    Workers being struck on vehicle/pedestrian access, eg bridges and ramps.
    Reversing vehicles on decks.
    Collisions due to poor visibility (darkness, dust etc. steam)
  • How brvision can help
    By investing in brvision’s safety solutions, you can improve worker and public safety. Benefits include:
    Fewer noise complaints
    All-round visibility for safer, faster operation
    Reduced accidents and fatalities
    Reduced insurance premiums
    False claim prevention
    Reduced vehicle downtime
    Peace of mind for management and workers
    Strengthened reputation in the community
  • Explore products
MINA RASHID is located in the UAE and installed Brvision’s BR-RVC16 waterproof and shockproof camera
MINA RASHID is located in the UAE and installed Brvision’s BR-RVC16 waterproof and shockproof camera
The Dubai Port Authority attaches great importance to the improvement of various facilities and equipment of the port, especially the continuous addition of cargo handling machinery and equipment for container terminals. The two ports owned by the Dubai Port Authority have a total of 102 berths, with 15 Panamax bridge cranes, 8 super Panamax bridge cranes, 34 rubber-tired container gantry cranes, 27 straddle carriers, and 191 cranes of less than 5 tons. Cranes, 26 cranes over 5 tons, 24 empty container handlers, 14 overhead cranes, 274 trailers, 152 terminal tractors, 2 mobile port cranes and 950 refrigerated sockets. Both Rashid Port and Jebelali Port have container repair facilities suitable for the passage of a large number of containers to provide more efficient port services. In addition, Jebelari Port also has 43,000 cubic meters of extra-large cold storage warehouses. The Dubai Port Authority has obtained ISO9002 certification in the handling of containers and general cargo.
Brvision worked with MINA RASHID to find a solution to the continuous collision and accident problems involving the reach stacker and the port lighting column and other containers in the cargo area. The busy environment poses an increasing threat to the safety of drivers.
This type of accident is very common on reach stackers because the driver focuses on moving the load. Repetitive tasks often give the driver a false sense of confidence. In this environment, mirrors and other passive safety devices are not enough.
Brvision provides a solution for its programmable MINA RASHID camera monitoring system, which provides a clear rear view for the driver. Active detection and camera systems continue to help drivers avoid unnecessary accidents. Regardless of the driver’s operation, the system will alert the driver in advance of an object or person approaching through an audible alarm, prompting the driver to look at the monitor in the cab and take preventive measures.
Brvision’s camera monitoring system improves the safety of all port drivers.
Gamal Abdul Nasser, Engineering Manager of MINA RASHID, said...... "The camera and radar sensor installed at the rear of our reach stacker by Brvision is an important aspect of operational safety. This solution can prevent collisions with light poles (we have had several incidents before the implementation of the system). Accidents), which can minimize the risk of accidents involving personnel.
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Seaport security solutions
  • Camera monitoring system
    Camera monitoring systems can help eliminate blind spots in vehicles to prevent collisions. The camera can be used to cover the rear, side and front blind spots as well as the internal vision and monitor specific functions of the vehicle. Multiple camera images can be viewed on a single in-cab monitor.
  • Radar obstacle detection
    By providing graded audible and visual warnings in the cab, the driver is notified of the distance between the vehicle and the obstacle, whether it is moving or stationary. BacksenseR radar can work effectively in harsh conditions and low visibility. The custom detection range of the programmable system can be up to 2.5m in length and 1.5m in width. 2.3 or 4 sensor systems can inform the driver of the distance between the vehicle and any obstacle, whether it is moving or stationary. Improve safety during low-speed maneuvers, reversing, or near side and front blind spots where pedestrians and cyclists may go undetected.
  • Mobile hard disk video recorder
    By simultaneously recording the shots of up to eight on-board cameras, the digital recorder can provide irrefutable evidence in the event of an accident. The lockable hard drive can store up to 1,164 hours of data, (optional memory size up to 2TB). These data can be easily accessed via a PC or uploaded via a 4G network or dedicated WiFi.
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