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Make the journey to school safer
Make the journey to school safer
Ensure your students and operators are safe and manage your fleet more effectively
Every child deserves protection. This is why everything we do can help you make their journey safer. Our school bus camera monitoring system and advanced hazardous area technology help ensure the safety of students on and off the school bus. Our real-time fleet tracking, route management, student passenger and vehicle inspection solutions can help you monitor the safety of buses and ensure that they are running on time using the best and safest routes. Brvision always cares about people’s safety.
Since 2008, our security equipment camera monitoring has been exported to global school bus depots
Trusted by 73 countries and multiple school districts for traffic safety and security
The only truly integrated video, tracking and routing solution on the market
The gold standard for safety equipment on every school bus manufactured today​​
The most complete school bus safety platform
  • Track driving
    Provide real-time student location information to help solve parents and school problems.
  • See everything
    From the start, the driver can see all blind spots around the vehicle.
  • Improve efficiency
    Track your fleet in real time and generate reports to improve efficiency and performance.
  • Extremely durable
    Rugged rigid structure shell, precise packaging technology, designed for extreme environments.
Types of vehicles
What measures are you taking to improve your safety?
  • School bus A/B type
  • School bus C/D type
  • School bus
  • Activity bus
BRVISION protects your school bus

MDVR with GPS provides vehicle protection from the start

Instead of manually designing a route or using a map solution that is not up to the task, it is better to let our software do the heavy work. Monitor and manage students, drivers and vehicles to ensure that they arrive on time using the safest and most efficient route to school. Our integrated route software suite allows you to manage school traffic from route planning to on-time arrival, and get better information at your fingertips. You can even manage your maintenance operations and site visits, while providing parents with real-time school bus arrival information.

What products do I need?
BRVISION's security solutions are suitable for most commercial vehicles and special machines.
To help you make your choice, we have created a series of vehicle guides that introduce our recommended safety electronics for the most common applications.
Check out the products recommended by BRVISION for each car below
  • Problems in the school bus industry
    Common accidents and problems include:
    • Due to a collision between a school bus and a cyclist in a blind spot
    • When the vehicle is reversing, the students behind cannot be observed
    • Where reversing at a bus stop may be difficult and dangerous
    • When the student gets off the bus, the car comes from the side, which poses a safety hazard to the student.
    • The students fight with each other, and the driver cannot provide evidence objectively.
  • How brvision can help
    By investing in brvision’s safety solutions, you can improve worker and public safety. Benefits include:
    • Reduce vehicle downtime caused by accidents
    • Comprehensive visualization, making the operation safer and more efficient
    • Reduce accidents
    • Vandalism
    • Meet health and safety requirements
    • Vehicle and passenger safety monitoring
    • Prevent false declarations
    • Reduce noise complaints
    • Improve the school’s reputation in society
  • Explore products
Brvision and LIRE Public High School establish a fruitful long-term cooperation
Brvision and LIRE Public High School establish a fruitful long-term cooperation
Brvision has won a contract from LIRE Public Middle School to equip 300 school buses in LIRE Public Middle School with advanced mobile surveillance camera systems. LIRE is the largest school district in Kuala Lumpur.
Safety vision field technicians will begin to install 6 and 3 cameras, wide-angle, high-definition (HD) recording systems in December 2021. The full HD system will include in-vehicle health diagnostics, vehicle sensor integration and passive GPS tracking. The main attraction of LIRE Public High School to Brvision lies in its advanced technology products, a full set of additional components for partners and positive reviews from customers.
TINA, Brvision’s customer manager, is enthusiastic about KCKPS’s selection of monitoring equipment. "Brvision is excited about the collaboration with LIRE Public Schools. We look forward to providing our new partners with the industry’s most innovative technology and the highest level of customer service. We look forward to expanding our customer base throughout the Midwest."
With nearly ten years of experience in equipping school bus fleets with technology that makes the work of school district personnel easier and makes students and drivers safer, Brvision looks forward to establishing a fruitful long-term partnership with LIRE Public High School.
Read the full case study
Public transportation safety solutions
  • Camera monitoring system
    Camera monitoring systems can help eliminate blind spots in vehicles to prevent collisions. The camera can be used to cover the rear, side and front blind spots as well as the internal vision and monitor specific functions of the vehicle. Multiple camera images can be viewed on a single in-cab monitor.
  • Radar obstacle detection
    By providing graded audible and visual warnings in the cab, the driver is notified of the distance between the vehicle and the obstacle, whether it is moving or stationary. BacksenseR radar can work effectively in harsh conditions and low visibility. The custom detection range of the programmable system can be up to 2.5m in length and 1.5m in width. 2.3 or 4 sensor systems can inform the driver of the distance between the vehicle and any obstacle, whether it is moving or stationary. Improve safety during low-speed maneuvers, reversing, or near side and front blind spots where pedestrians and cyclists may go undetected.
  • Mobile hard disk video recorder
    By simultaneously recording the shots of up to eight on-board cameras, the digital recorder can provide irrefutable evidence in the event of an accident. The lockable hard drive can store up to 1,164 hours of data, (optional memory size up to 2TB). These data can be easily accessed via a PC or uploaded via a 4G network or dedicated WiFi.
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